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Types of car seats

  Position Recommended weight Approximate age
Group 0 rear-facing, no airbag Birth to 10 kg Birth to 12 month
Group 0+ rear-facing, no airbag Birth to 13 kg Birth to 15 months
Group 1 rear- or forward-facing, no airbag 9 to 18 kg 9 months to 4 years
Group 2 rear-or forward-facing 15 to 25 kg 4 to 6 years
Group 3 forward-facing 22 to 36 kg 4 to 10, and above if the child is not 36 kg yet
Booster seats Booster seats are recommended for children until they are not big enough to properly use a 3-point seat belt.

Rear-facing seat

These seats are made for rear-facing only and are optimized to be used from birth to 4 years. They can be used in the front or rear of the car. Do not use them in the front passenger seat if there is an active passenger airbag. Rear-facing seats provide greater protection for the child's head, neck and spine than forward-facing seats. So, it is best to keep your child in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible. Only move them to a forward-facing seat once they have exceeded the maximum weight for the rear-facing seat, or the top of their head is higher than the top of the seat.

Combination car seat

Combination car seats can be used both rear- and forward facing. Rear-facing instalation can be used from when the child is approximately six months up to about the age of 4. Once the child is more than 4 years old the seat has the ability to convert to a forward facing seat.

Combination seat also has a five-point harness and specifies for children up to 18 kg. The large area of the harness helps to reduce the risk of injury in case of a crash. The bottom attachment between the legs will also prevent the child from sliding under, and out of the harness.

Once the children reach 18 kg, the five-point safety harness will be removed out and car seat can be used as a booster seat with a 3-point seat belt. Research has found that children are safest seated rear-facing, so it's best to keep yours in that position as long as you can. Then you can turn the seat around and use it facing forward until your toddler reaches the height and weight limits for that orientation.

Combination seats can be used in the front or rear of the car, but it is safer to put them in the rear, especially if there is a passenger airbag in the front. In addition there are also convertible car seats, which are similar to combination car seats but can be used from birth up to 18kg. The idea with both is to have a seat which can be used for a very long time.

Booster seat

Booster car seats are used only for toddlers in a forward facing position. The minimum weight requirement is 15 kg. The booster car seat can be used up to 36kg. This type of car seat uses the 3-point seat belt of your car.




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