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Top 10 mistakes to reduce car seat safety

23Min The idea of a car seat safety is to protect your baby or toddler in case of a car accident, but the constant changes can be confusing for parents.  These top 10 mistakes have been put together for you to follow in order to avoid the most common car seat errors.
1. Do not use car seat at all
Some journeys might seem so short that it is no point using car seat at all.  But even though you are extra careful, someone else might not be. 
2. Do not follow car seat instructios
Installation of some car seats might seem so easy but follow the instructions anyway.  You might have missed some crucial part of the installation process.
3. Throw away car seat instructions
Even though the car seat has been mounted properly when bought, that does not mean you will not need the instructions again. You might have to move the car seat to another car, might want to wash the covers and the instructions will come in handy.
4. Choose a car seat with the prettiest patern or colour
It is nice if your car seat matches your cars interior but the whole point of car seat is safety.  Finding the right car seat that matches your car and your baby might be difficult sometime but well worth hard work.
5. Do not use all of the car seat parts
Some car seats require instalation using tether stap or support leg.  Always use your car seat according to manufacturer's instructions.
6. Use thick winter coats
The best way to see if your childs coat is too thick is putting your child in the car seat with his coat on.  Buckle the harnesses as usual and tighten the straps.  Than take the child out of the car seat without loosening the straps and take the coat off.  Buckle your child againg and if you can fit more than two fingers under the harness at the child's shoulder bone, the coat is too thick and is not safe for use with the car seat. A safe and easy way to keep your baby warm, is by using blankets over the top of the buckled harness.
7. Ignore the height and weight limits of your car seat
If your child is too tall or too heavy for the car seat, they are not adequately protected in a crash.  Harness straps will not do their job if your baby is too heavy and baby's head will not have proper protection if he's too tall.  Some parents end up buying several car seats as their baby grows but bear in mind that this is important rule to follow.
8. Use 5-point seat belt even though is tangled or loose
The harness must be snug so you cannot pinch a fold in the material after buckling in your baby.  The straps should not be twisted.  The top of the chest clip should be positioned at armpit level.
9. Install car seat that has been in a car accident
Most manufacturers recommend child car seats are to be replaced following a moderate or severe crash in order to ensure a continued high level of crash protection for your child.
10. Turn your child forward facing before he has outgrown the car seat.
It is no longer recommended to turn your baby around at his first birthday.  Experts recommend to keep your baby rear facing for as long as possible.




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