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The new I-size regulation

24Min Currently all child restrain systems have to comply with ECE 44/04 regulation which does not have side protection test and allows children to ride forward facing from 9 months old.
From 13.-16. November 2012 was adopted the new I-size regulation during WP 29’s 158th session held in Geneva. This regulation will enter into force in mid-2013 (6 months after adoption).

CRS that are produced based on the new I-size Regulation will provide the following major improvements for the transportation of children in cars:
• Reduce misuse
• Requires rearward-facing transport until the child is 15 months of age
• Simplified classification based on stature of the child, not mass
• Provide side impact protection
• Better compatibility car-CRS: I-size CRS will fit in any I-size ready seating position in a car.

The new i-size seats produced under the new regulation should be on the European market from summer 2013.

Read more about I-size regulation:




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