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The Best Travel Games to Play in the Car

59Min A rear facing car seat is no obstacle when it comes to playing car games with your kids. In fact, it makes your driving safer, because you are not tempted to interact with them over your shoulder.

1. THE SONG GAME: Someone hums a tune and the others try to guess it. The winner gets to sing next. If you don’t like singing you can guess songs on the radio (or which words will be heard first). Take a few turns. The winner gets to choose the radio station.
2. I SPY: This is a classic game to play in the car. One person chooses something everyone in the car can see and describes it in one word; “I spy with my little eyes something….green!” The others try to guess what it is, getting yes/no answers. The winner gets to choose next. Choose items that will be visible for a longer amount of time, so people can guess it.
3. THE QUESTION GAME: One person thinks of something, anything. The others ask questions, getting only yes/no answers. The person who guesses correctly wins and goes next.
4. STORY-TELLING: Begin a story with one sentence. The next person adds another sentence. Try to build a complete story.
5. THE GEOGRAPHY GAME: Learning outside the classroom is fun! Choose a name of a city/river/country, and the next person has to add their own word from the same category, starting with the last letter of the previous word. Example: Paris – Salzburg




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