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77Min A rear facing tether is an optional tether strap that improves the installation of the seat and can prevent excessive rotation of the seat in the case of a side impact. Although the tether strap cannot be used with all rear facing car seats, it is very recommended to use it when possible. The car seats suitable for the tether strap that we offer on our website are Axkid Kidzone, Duofix and Minikid.

There are two styles of tethering – Swedish and Australian. By tethering a rear-facing car seat by the Swedish method, the rebound of the seat to the back of the vehicle is greatly reduced and the overall stability of the car seat in case of a car crash is improved.

It is very likely that your car does not have rear facing tether anchor. As far as we know Volvos are the only cars with rear facing tether anchor. But no need to worry, even though you are not a Volvo owner. Your car seat should have come with a black tether strap and will have a metal ring on one side and stitched loop on the other side. This strap can be used to create a rear facing tether.

Warning! The tether strap may affect the airbag sensors, so make sure to verify with your vehicle manufacturer whether your car is suitable for rear-facing tethering and what location is best.





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