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New arrival - Axkid DUOFIX

61Min We have recently added a new rear facing car seat to our website – the Axkid Duofix. You can see and order it here.

It features Isofix connectors, which were tested at 64 km/h at EURO NCAP, a unique tether strap tightening function and deep side wings for extra protection in case of a side impact. The extra-long support leg enables the installation of the seat in a wide variety of vehicles with 3-point seat belts or Isofix. The headrest can be locked in seven positions and the seat has three reclining positions.

Unlike most child seats, which can be rear facing until the child weighs 18kg, Axkid Duofix can remain rear facing until the child weighs 25kg.

Another big bonus of this car seat is that its shoulder straps and head support are connected, which means that when you are putting your child into the seat and are pulling on the shoulder straps, the head support automatically adjusts to the height of the child. The tether straps function in the same way, automatically tightes when the seat is rocked or the restraint pushed on.

The seat is quite spacious and takes up slightly more space in the car, however, this makes it suitable for bigger children as well.

The car seat has recently passed the ADAC test, where it did not get the highest ratings, mainly because the results were compared with pure forward-facing seats, which are designed in a completely different way and make the comparison problematic.

However we are delighted by the very positive opinion regarding the rearward facing travelling , which is the most important as rearward facing travelling is proven five times safer.

Duofix is available in colors: Red/Tetris, Black/Tetris and Grey/Tetris.




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