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How to keep your baby warm in the car?

Winter is coming! Or should we say, it's standing on our doorstep :)

Although our cars are able to warm up, they still need some time to do so and we also need to get some fresh air in once in a while. But you must be careful to keep your child warm in these situations. Open windows and waiting might make you think, why not just let my child keep on his or her winter clothes? BAD IDEA!

Winter clothes can make the child seat unsafe for your child. The harness will not hug the child as tightly and will offer much less protection, so be sure to take off any clothing that has a layer of thick padding (for example a winter coat). Instead you can cover your child OVER the harness with a warm blanket. Keep in mind as well that kids feel uncomfortable in bulky clothing and can overheat once the car warms up.

It is recommended that you dress your child in good quality tight-fitting thin layers and cover him or her with the blanket once the child is buckled into the car seat.





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