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SleepFix Kids Outlast

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SANDINI SleepFix® Kids Outlast® - Sleeping Pillow with support function
The child seat accessory for many years (approx. 18 months to 12 years) that prevents the head from tilting while sleeping.

The Outlast® technology provides the Sandini SleepFix® travel pillow the benefit of proactive temperature regulation. Outlast® materials contribute to the individual comfort by absorbing excess heat if too much is produced, storing and releasing it as required.
The perfect premium product for children, who are not only transported in the car with air conditioner, but also in the child seat for bikes or bike trailer.
…not too hot…not too cold…just right TM.

The innovative concept with simple and flexible usage guarantees safe and comfortable sleep whilst on the move:
Two pillows are connected to a soft head rest at the front of the neck with a Velcro fastening. Head and upper body are gently restrained during sleep and tilting is prevented due to a light counterweight or by fixing it to the seat with the attached belts. To enable a usage of all kinds of infant carriers, child seats, bicycle seats, and car seats as well as bicycle trailers and buggies, you receive 2 application versions A and B in the full set.
Each SleepFix® S sleeping pillow is accompanied by a free gift in the form of a puppet to travel with, designed by children’s book author Bine Brändle.

The full set contains:
  •  SANDINI SleepFix® Kids sleeping pillow
  • Application version A: belts
  • Application version B: counterweight
  • Application instruction
  • Wizard MIRO with vacuum cup
  • Practical transport and storage bag
Cleaning: The pillow is washable up to 30°C and dryer-proof.
Material: 100% Polyester

Longstanding companion
For years Sandini SleepFix® Kids enables a relaxed and safe sleep in all kind of infant carriers, reboarders, booster seats, bicycle infant seats, bicycle trailers or buggies. It accompanies the child from the baby seat, to the bicycle infant seat to the seat of group 3 to 12 years.
The subject that conces many parents: Relaxed and safe sleep in the car and on the way by bicycle
Your baby or child sleeps on the way in the infant carrier, bicycle infant seat or in the bicycle trailer. But next up, there is no nice and relaxed continuation of the jouey, because most often the child’s head tilts forward or aside due to the relaxation of the neck musculature while sleeping. For the children uncomfortable, in addition dangerous in the case of an accident, and also worrying for the parents. Due to constantly glances into the rearview mirror or repeated stops while cycling it most often is determined that the sleeping position is not optimal. The SANDINI SleepFix® sleeping pillows were developed exactly for this problem.




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