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 What is one of the most important things you will ever buy for your child? Definitely the car seat.
We would like to stand by you, with this important decision and help you select your car seat.

Our website was designed for you, young and caring mums and dads with many worries on your mind. We wish the purchase of your car seat to be a pleasant experience for you, rather than just another burden.

Being aware that the rear-facing car seat is a novelty to many buyers, we have gathered several opinions from experts, paediatricians, national traffic safety associations and various university professors. We have also tried to answer a number of questions that may arise prior to purchasing a rear-facing car seat. Amongst the information gathered, you will find plenty of statistical data, research and case studies confirming that rear-facing car seats are much safer than forward-facing car seats.

This presentation aims to highlight the fact that forward-facing car seats have no actual advantage over rear-facing seats. On the contrary; rear-facing car seats simply have such a huge advantage over forward-facing seats that your choice of a car seat should be self-evident.

All information available on our website has been compiled with great care; but if it still fails to answer all your questions, feel free to ask for further assistance. Please, send us your inquiries to our e-mail address





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